LEFF Amsterdam x amsterdam dance event

The concept of time remains an intriguing and inspiring one to us at LEFF amsterdam, especially in an era in which owning a watch purely to tell the time is increasingly unnecessary. Spurred on by the challenge to create unconventional, durable, and aesthetically beautiful timepieces since 2011, we continue to engineer every detail from our studio in the city centre of our namesake. As well as being built in Amsterdam, our designs are truly creations of Amsterdam: influenced by the unconventional perspective we take of our city that recognises the urban rawness, and industrial energy that always has that slight twist of sophistication.

The aim was to design watches that could endure the fast tempo and roughness of life in the city, whilst still managing to stand out from the crowd. From the very beginning, the drive behind LEFF amsterdam was the mindset of going against the grain, and the belief that we could unite people by creating an unconventional product that valued the strength of uniqueness and personality. Our mantra is that we as a brand are for everyone and anyone — people of all races, nationalities, careers, sexualities, religions or interests. What unites us, no matter where you come from or who you are, is a strong personality and the desire to embrace something a little unconventional. 

Our work itself is unconventional: created with the intention of respecting tradition whilst challenging convention. This is where we have found common ground with Amsterdam Dance Event, an eclectic music festival that attracts over 400,000 visitors from over 100 different countries each year. ADE has become a gathering place for electronic music lovers of all varieties, a place where you can truly express yourself no matter where you’ve come from or who you are. Like ADE, we at LEFF amsterdam don’t designate our brand by who you are: we provide a platform for you to express your unique self, your strong personality that remains distinct from everybody else. We believe that this is the concept that brings people together, whether that concept is experienced through dance music or through wearing our watch! Join us at ADE, to forget time, express your strong and authentic personality, and be united by a passion for music

Exclusively for ADE, LEFF amsterdam has designed a unique watch, completely tailored to both the ADE as the LEFF amsterdam aesthetic. The watch will be given to renowned speakers – 500 in total! – and only 250 limited editions will be available to the public.  

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