The imagery conjured up immediately by the word ‘classic’ has an almost universal recognition. Old school cars, Hitchcock movies, James Dean. We thought it was time we contributed: so we created our own LEFF amsterdam classic to add to the list. 

Five years after we introduced the Tube watch in collaboration with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, our collection accomplishesa sophisticated, yet simple evolutionary change.

The T-series Classic emulates and evolves the design specifications of the T-series, with cases with a diameter of 32mm and 40mm, and interchangeable straps. The contrast between the watch hands and the case distinguishes the Classic from all else: bringing you both enduring elegance with a raw urban edge like never before.

While the T-series Classic departs from all three of our existing timepiece collections, it stays true to the original extruded ring of the dial, marking it as a unique LEFF amsterdam design.

The extruded ring, a remarkable result of our dynamic collaboration with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, maintains that industrial, raw aesthetic that we just can’t get enough of at LEFF amsterdam. The refined colour palette of the T-series Classic, with colour combinations of brass, matte black, steel, and white, in combination with the unprecedented style of the extruded dial distinushes the T-series Classic’s place in the category of ‘classic’. 

The T-series Classic is available now in the contrasting case colours of Black/Brass, Black/Steel and White/Brass, with a black leather strap. The Brass/White is also available with a brown leather strap.

Check out the T-series Classic collection