“…And BaM! Yung Internet was created.”

We had a chat with Sergio Hassalbaink, a Dutch actor and MC of Yung Internet – the hip-hop sensation from Amsterdam.
“The start of Yung Internet was an easy one. Me and some friends were having a great time at this party that also had a studio. Mauro, Hyperlink (the other members of Yung internet) and I started to mess around and we recorded a song about everything that happened that night. And BAM, Yung Internet was created.”

Could you tell us a little bit more about the name Yung Internet and how you made it to the mainstage on Appelsap festival?
“Our producer, Hyperlink, organizes lots of parties. At those parties, they always put fake names on the guest list for people who are showing up too late. Names like Dark Knight, The Gypsie King, Yung Earl and.. Yung Internet. After the evening at that party we recorded a couple of songs on Soundcloud, but we needed a name, so we used Yung Internet. With the three songs on Soundcloud we were already getting lots of bookings. Everything took off pretty quick after that.”

What other festival is one we can’t miss out on?
“Lowlands will always be the Holy Grail of festivals. If you have never been to Lowlands, you’ve got some work to do before you die.“

Favourite spot in Amsterdam?
“The smoking area in the Kopstootbar. The employees are very nice and the atmosphere is intimate. If you sit at the back it feels like you’re sitting in your own office.“

How does your hangover day look like?
“Step one is accepting your hangover. When I’ve done that I’ll be going to Home Made and get myself a sandwich. After that I’ll go to the Jamin and make the biggest bag of candy. Next I go the movie theatre and watch the worst movie that is playing at that time. When leaving the theatre, my hangover is gone. “

With what do you combine your LEFF amsterdam watch?
“Black skinny’s and Puma’s are usually my go-to basics.“

What song should every LEFF amsterdam owner have on their playlist?
“Binnenstad by Yung Internet ofcourse! Also Bledder by Ome Omar and Roses by ABRA.“