The hottest spots in amsterdam…

Sure, we offer great products. But we like to think we’ve got more to offer, therefore we want to share some of our favorite places to go to in Amsterdam with you. Where to go to have a drink, survive your hangover, go on a date and more. Check out the following spots!

The it’s-Friday-I’m-ready-for-the-weekend spot – Bar Broker
Prices here are never the same. They can fluctuate from very high to very low. Sounds mysterious? We like this place because – similar to us – it’s all about timing… Drinks are always great, the staff is always friendly and the music is always lovely. On Fridays you even get free pizza (if you leave your work on time)!

Reguliersdwarsstraat 44, 1017 BM Amsterdam

The I-need-to-cure-my-hangover spot– The Rotisserie
The best cure for your hangover is definitely the fried chicken from ‘The rotisserie’ on the eastside of Amsterdam. No doubt about it.

Beukenplein 17, 1092 BA Amsterdam

The I-know-I-will-be-having-a-hangover-tomorrow spot– Kopstootbar
Kopstoot is the dutch word for a ‘head-butt’, but also refers to a drink: beer with a shot of jenever (gin). In this place you can get both a headbutt as the drink, so be careful what you order. Besides giving you a hang over, this place will also give you a lot of fun.

Marnixstraat 429, 1017 PK Amsterdam

The I-want-to-get-to-know-my-date spot– Bar mash
If you ask us where you can find the best Dark & Stormy’s, served by fantastic staff, we would say: Mash. Bonus: they also serve amazing Thai food. By the way, if you like a challenge, ask one of the bartenders to play a game of toepen (a Dutch traditional card game) with you.

Gerard Douplein 9, 1073 XE Amsterdam

The I-want-to-have-a-fancy date spot – Wilde zwijnen
Quite close to the Rotisserie in the eastside of Amsterdam, you’ll find Wilde Zwijnen. A fancy place, which is nicely decorated (see picture on top of page), which offers you great non-everyday food and matching wines.

Javaplein 23, 1095 CJ Amsterdam