Our story

We founded LEFF amsterdam in 2011. After making our debut in the design industry by creating a series of iconic interior timepieces, our focus gradually shifted towards different product ranges. Working from our studio in the city center of Amsterdam, we now create unconventional watches and speakers by developing concepts in collaboration with renowned designers from around the world.

We started making timepieces in an era in which time is all around us, because we think clocks are simply amazing products. We believe clocks are the perfect example of functional beauty, as they’re technical instruments that have the potential to be art pieces at the same time. However, this wasn’t the only reason for us to start creating clocks and watches. Nobody really needs a clock – this challenges us even more to create something beautiful that everyone still wants to have.

Our first speaker, the tube audio, came to be by mere coincidence: the development started because we thought it would be a perfect addition to Piet Hein Eek’s original tube clock. During the design process we noticed the similarities in designing timepieces and audio products. They’re both functional objects that are part of our interior, so they should look first-rate.
We discovered most speakers are either technically amazing or well designed: the combination is quite rare. We decided to merge those two aspects by connecting the best designers with the best audio developers, to create unconventional devices that feature both great sound and great aesthetics.


We are not artists, but spend our lives in the pursuit of functional beauty.
In the tradition of dutch design, we believe concept is king.

In everything we do, we strive to meet the highest possible standards.
If that means changing the way things are done, so be it.
We respect tradition, but challenge convention.

We are LEFF amsterdam.